Something about riding to and from school in the car compels Bug to ask me how to spell everything. Sure, it happens other times of the day, but at those specific times, it’s a sure bet. I think it starts when we pass Moe’s Southwest Grill:

“Moe’s! Hi Moe’s!” Bug says, like he’s greeting a long lost friend. Maybe we’ve been eating there too much? “Mommy, how you spell Moe’s?”

So I spell it for him. And then I spell car, and van, and street, and stoplight, and big truck, and school, and new school, and tree, and really big truck with cars on it, and on and on, until we’re almost home and he sees the QT.

“Mommy, how you spell QT?”

“Just like that – Q-T.”

“Oh,” he says with a disappointed voice. You would have thought I told him there was no Santa Claus. “I wish QT had more letters in it.” So to lift his spirits, I spell Czechoslovakia.

I can’t complain too much though – loving spelling! He could love something much more heinous, like spitting or cursing. And those things will not be nearly as useful to him when he takes the SAT.

Although, come to think of it, they did seem to come in mighty handy when I took the MCAT.


1 Ginnymom { 11.05.07 at 3:21 pm }

and then when we saw the Target sign and Bug said Target! Lorso asks Bug, How do you spell Target? then after a minute, Bug says, It’s on the sign.

2 Kecia { 11.05.07 at 6:19 pm }

Cursing is virtually a requirement for grad school, I find. Much more useful than spelling, anyway. A sad fact one finds out all too late . . .

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