Material material everywhere and not a word to write.

Y’all, the Lorso’s family is a hotbed of blogging material. The stories would just write themselves, I tell you. But seeing as how many of them are reading this blog (Hi, glad you’re here, glad we’re family), a fact I discovered this weekend, I’ll leave you to your imaginations. No, actually, I don’t think that would even do it justice.

Meanwhile, we just got home from our 6 hour trip with the Bug. He is pretty good in the car these days, but still gets a little stir crazy after a few hours, as do we all.

At one point, he was playing with the Atlas (things had gotten desperate) and he flipped to a page and demanded to know which road we were on. He was looking at a map of Nebraska. Lorso flipped the Atlas to the correct state, showed him the interstate we were on, and approximately where we were on it. After a few seconds, Bug shoved the map back at the Lorso and said “Now where are we?” This continued on for a for a few minutes.

Then things progressed to The Practice of Silly Faces, followed by Crazy Time:

When we got home, we discovered that Bug’s passport had arrived (hurrah!) in plenty of time before the cruise that we are going on in January, with – you guessed it! – the Lorso’s family. I may not be able to resist writing about them after a week together on a boat.

Lorso’s family, be warned.


1 bethany { 11.05.07 at 2:40 pm }

road trips are so fun. i guess i’ve never taken one with a toddler, but still. :) where are you going on the cruise?

2 Ginnymom { 11.05.07 at 3:07 pm }

ahhhh too bad. I was hoping you would tell some of the tellable stories. We did at least get them married! and the home-church preacher made the big announcement the following day: that he is retiring. Did you ever before hear a congregation applaud such an announcement ? (Hope he’s not reading this…..) Oh, but the applause was probably about how they appreciate his long years of service. I’m sure that was it.

Lorso’s family (it’s mine, too, can you guess?) does this kind of thing: 1. hang by their toes from ladders and trees to decorate the back yard with Christmas lights, no matter what the time of year. 2. Follow strict instructions to “de-clutter the bathrooms.” By the time the third person in sequence reads that line on the list, we are beginning to remove the toilet paper, as if it might qualify as clutter…. so as to declutter SOMETHING. Maybe we should have marked it “done” the first time.
3. And there are the big trucks that tend to get stuck on the sandy/dirty lane. Ask Bug about that sometime. He watched that with fascination. Fortunately Lorso has a college-educated uncle who can drive big rigs out of deep ruts of sand.
Seldom a dull moment.
4. And, by the way, the hotel rooms were first class: they had tubs.
5. The best part was seeing and hugging each other.

3 Kecia { 11.05.07 at 6:21 pm }

The downside to telling family that you blog – you can no longer blog about them with impunity.

4 racher { 11.05.07 at 6:37 pm }

See, that’s the thing – I didn‘t tell family that I blog – they just found out…but I knew it was a matter of time anyway

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