Family circus

That was a total crap post yesterday, wasn’t it? I imagine that the creator of NaBloPoMo was hoping that when its members posted every day, the posts would be a little more thought out than a text message. Well, c’est la vie.

I am indeed out of town at a family wedding, and one of the fun things about the Lorso’s family is that there are so freakin’ many of them! It’s like going to a convention. In addition, we all seem to be procreating at the same time, so there are lots of wee ones to be cooed over. It’s all drool and slobber and diapers and putting objects in mouths here. Bug is so over that – he’s all, “Mommy, that baby is eating that car. Make it stop.” It’s tough being the oldest, kid.

So, sorry, but the wit is taking a vacation today, and perhaps tomorrow. I will be focusing on other things, such as arranging centerpieces, hanging lights, watching vows, and drinking alcohol attending receptions. I love weddings.


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