This is my posting song. It isn’t very long.

I’m watching Clifford the Big Red Dog with Bug for the 1324th time, mostly because our house is too small for me to escape it when it’s on. And man, that Jetta is a self absorbed bitch. Why is Emily Elizabeth even friends with her? I would have dropped her and that stuck up purple dog she owns episodes ago. And that is why I am not the moral heroine of a children’s cartoon.


If you’ll notice on this here sidebar —————————————->
I have joined NaBloPoMo, which is a blogging group that requires that you post every day. Since I already do that, I figured what the heck.

I’m also in the process of joining BlogHer, which is a community for women bloggers. Look for that link soon, because it is indeed an awesome group.

And now…weekend! weekend! rah rah rah!

-Racher out.

(Oh God, that is from Ryan Seacrest. First Clifford the BRD and then this? I need TV therapy.)

October 26, 2007   2 Comments