Just between you and me, ok Internet?

Technically, we’re not supposed to have favorites at my job. But I simply cannot stick to that rule when there are kids like these:

– A stylish little girl with a haircut way better than mine (and probably more expensive than mine) who sounds like Scarlett O’ Hara when she wants something. “Maah paaaassy! Maah juuuuice!”

– A little girl who looks like an albino basset hound (in a freakin’ adorable way) with an old lady with a twist name whose parents seem like grunge rockers. She calls me Mommy. I let her.

– A cherubic little girl with big blue eyes and ringlet hair who lines up all the baby dolls and then sits down, lifts her shirt, holds their faces against her belly, and “breast feeds” them all one by one.

– A little girl who looks like a blonde pixie bulldog. Again, in a cute way.

– A giant chub of a baby boy with ham hock legs who has the most gorgeous skin you’ve ever seen and eyelashes so long they fan me off when I’m hot.

– a 14-month old little girl who walks like she’s drunk and falls down more times in one day than I’ve fallen down in my whole life. She also wears glasses. 14 month old sized glasses! Yes, it is as cute as the picture you have in your head.

– A not quite two year old girl with big blue eyes (what is it with the big blue eyes – they kill me) and a shock of blonde hair who speaks Swedish. She teaches me Swedish while I change her diaper every day. She points at her arm. “Arm,” I say. “Floofenflocken,” she says. Or whatever.

– A doe-eyed little girl whose “lovey” (the thing that she carries around to comfort her) is a book. Hop on Pop, specifically. It’s had to have the spine duct taped, and most of the pages are toast, but she luuuuuuvs it. “Pop?” she says with a teary voice when she’s upset. “Pop?” And then she clutches it to her chest in relief when it’s fetched.

I’m reminding myself of these things today because every Thursday seems to reach a new ring of Hell at the PMO and I want to dwell in the good. Not the stinky, snotty, chaotic, awful, badness of it all.

That is all.


1 Rachel D { 10.18.07 at 2:40 pm }

These descriptions are adorable. I think it’s ok to have favorites if you have 8.

2 Lynn P. { 10.18.07 at 7:02 pm }

You forgot my adorable, perfect grandson who’s a whiz with any kind of ball! Or does he throw them at you, other children, and the windows? Shame on him if he does!

3 racher { 10.18.07 at 7:17 pm }

I actually had to shorten my list! Turns out I have more favorites than I realized. But your grandson does throw a mean playground ball, and knows sign language, and can give you the evilest evil eye you’ve ever seen. And then switch like a light bulb to a dazzling charm-your-pants-off smile as he claps along to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

4 Melinda { 10.19.07 at 9:54 pm }

I think a couple of favorites are okay. Especially when they sound so adorable.

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