The Party City chicken stunted my son’s imagination

Outside Panera Bread, Bug and I sit eating lunch. Bug notices a large person in a chicken suit walking up and down the sidewalk next to us and, understandably, asks why is there a chicken down there?

There’s a chicken so that people will notice that store and maybe go in, I say.

Oh, says Bug.

But why do people want to go in there? He is still pondering.

To buy cheap party crap, I say. (Ok, I might have actually said “to buy stuff for parties”)

By the way, I say. That man is dressed up like a chicken because Halloween is coming up and people like to wear costumes for Halloween. What do you think you might want to be for Halloween? You can wear a costume to school!

Blank stare. Blinking.

Liiiiike, um, you could be the Cat in the Hat, because Daddy has a red and white striped hat you could wear that looks like the Cat’s! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Noncommittal grunt with eyes still glued to the giant waving chicken.

Or you could be a ghost with a white sheet on your head! Or Bob the Builder, or a pumpkin, or maybe-

Mommy, I think I will be a chicken. Because then I can grow up and be a chicken. Like that big chicken.

Sigh. At least I know where to get the costume.

October 17, 2007   No Comments