A latte more than I wanted to see

If I am ever early-ish to work (it does happen), sometimes I like to go around the corner to the local coffee shop and get some coffee. (I’m sorry to say that this means I cheat on the coffee shop where I’ve worked for the last 6 or 7 months, but by creating a link to that shop and not the one that is featured in this post, I am absolving myself and restoring my good karma.)

Everyone knows that part of the cool thing about getting coffee is getting to carry it around while you chat on your cell, drive to work, watch your kid’s soccer game, walk your dog, go for a three mile jog, whatever your thing is. I’m partly convinced it’s all about the sleeve, man. Besides keeping your hands from the burn, it’s also the way you can show off how hip you are because you go to the local, chill, fair trade coffee shop, or how trendy you are because you go to the on every corner, high-powered, corporate coffee shop.

So once recently, after getting my coffee from this around the corner local coffee shop, I popped my cool dude sleeve on and headed back to work. Then, in mid-sip, I noticed that the sleeve was covered in WOMEN IN THEIR BRAS AND PANTIES. WTF?

First of all, women in their bras and panties are haunting me. Second of all, SERIOUSLY, WTF?

Who came up with the idea to put advertising for Victoria’s Secret on the side of a coffee cup? Maybe someone was sitting around and thought, “Hmm. People put milk in coffee, milk can also come from boobs, boobs go in bras – AHA!”

I was embarrassed to carry my coffee around. It was impossible to stand and have a serious conversation with anyone while cupping my hands around women’s washboard torsos. It just felt ridiculous. And I also felt like the women were taunting me, saying, “You’ll never look like this if you keep getting whole milk in that coffee, Sweetie.”

All I have to say to that is, at least MY momma taught me better than to go around in my skivvies on the sides of hot drinks, you skinny hussies.

*UPDATE* – Since writing this post, I am happy to report that the sleeves have now been changed to advertisements for Kaiser Permanente. Which is probably because of how many people got hypertension from seeing the old sleeves.

October 15, 2007   3 Comments