Married life with a two year old

Lorso: (to me) Oooh, I have an idea. After….

Bug: Daddy, look at this truck! It’s upside down, look!

Lorso: I see!

Lorso: (back to me) Hey, after the Bug’s in bed tonight…

Bug: Daddy, come in my room, Daddy. Come! Daddy! Come!

Lorso: Just a second buddy, I’m talking to Mommy.

Lorso: (again back to me) After the Bug’s in bed, let’s…


Lorso: Bug! I will be there in just a minute, but I am telling Mommy something, so you need to wait your turn!

Lorso: (to me) After the Bug’s in bed tonight, let’s have a conversation!

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1 Ginny Ellis { 10.11.07 at 11:34 pm }

what fun to see this slice of your daily life. You had us laughing! Poor Lorso! GinnyMom

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