Frickin’ snug fit? Pick and chug it?

The Bug is too sick to go school today, but not sick enough to ease up on his unending questions and general hilarity. Since he’s missing out on his usual opportunity for fine learning, I decided to impart my own wisdom with a little bit of home schooling:

“Bug, what rhymes with trees?”

“Trees and…..yeaves rhyme!”

“Well, almost buddy, but the end of leaves sounds like -eaves and the end of trees sounds like -ees. What do you think rhymes with trees? Maybe something on your leg?”

“Um, maybe…knees!”

“Good job, buddy! Can you think of your own rhyme?”

“Yep! Mommy, what rhyme wit station wagon?”

“Um…creation dragon. Why don’t you try a shorter word?”

“Otay. What rhyme wit chicken nugget?”

“Um, I don’t know. Listen, how about door? What rhymes with door?”

“I don’t know – what?”

“You can do it buddy! What sounds like -or at the end? Door, door, door

“Um, I think……..whore, Mommy! Whore rhyme wit door!”


And my work here is done.

October 8, 2007   3 Comments