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Today’s post is a little later than usual, because instead of writing during the Bug’s naptime, I was dragged, almost against my will, into an open-mouthed, drool-all-over-the-couch, geometric-imprints-on-your-face, deep, deep, slumber. It was gooooood.

Because today was Too Much. I’m not sure there was a crying-free moment at the Parent’s Morning Out all day, but I AM for damn sure that there were at least seven poopy diapers to change, one of which involved wrestling the stinker in question to a lying down position on the changing table and then pinning him down with one hand while trying to contain the poo being flung all over creation as he screamed and flailed. And, I was spit up on. Twice. Plus, the rain kept us inside, which reduces everyone to Lord of the Flies mentality, producing biting and snarling and general mayhem. From them, not me.  Ok, maybe from me, too.  A pig may or may not have been roasted. I also think I’ve pulled a muscle in my back from all the lifting and lifting and lifting.

So I’m sorry to reduce today’s post to a complain-a-thon, but I really needed to vent.

It’s for the kids.


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