I am Mommy. I know all.

We’re doing our bedtime thing: bath, jammies, teeth brushing, books, etc., when all of a sudden in the middle of it all, Bug says, “Mommy, what is God?”

Uh, what? Wait a second. Weren’t we just doing zerberts? Is this what he thinks about while getting zerberts?

Oh crap. I am totally not ready for this yet. He was supposed to be somewhat capable of philosophical thinking before asking questions like this. Or at least potty trained.

“Um, well, God is…. Um, God is everywhere, all around us. And in your heart. Oh yeah, and God is love, too.” (Brilliant.)

“No. Mommy. What is God? Like a man or a girl or somethin’?”


“Well, no, God is not really any of those things. God is just..God.” (Please, please accept this answer.)

“Oh. Otay.”


“But, Mommy?”

(Uh oh.)

“Yes, buddy.”

(Fear. Trepidation. Panic.)

“What letter does God start with?”

(cue Hallelujah Chorus)

“G, buddy. God starts with a G.”

October 3, 2007   5 Comments