This makes me laugh. Out loud. Every single time. You might think it’s because of the word penis. Which it is. But it’s mostly what he says right after penis. He just says it so earnestly, you know? Like, “Seriously, people, there was some bad stuff goin’ down.”

This is my brother singing with his acapella group, which I include because I think he’s hella awesome, and because it’s my blog and I can make you look at whatever I want.

This is a recipe for egg salad that was in my bookmarks. But I can’t ever be bothered to make it, because it includes boiling and peeling and chopping eight eggs. I mean, get real.

This is a mousepad I might get for the scootermeister Lorso if it weren’t seventeen freakin’ dollars.

And this is my kind of evangelism.

You’re welcome.


1 Meredith { 10.02.07 at 9:29 pm }

You rock! Thanks for the tour through your internet neighborhood. And thanks for being such a faithful blogger–I always know that when I click over to yours, there will be something new! (But no pressure! Heck, I’ve gone months at a time with nothing…) Cheers to you!

2 racher { 10.03.07 at 3:47 pm }

yeah, i just realized that i now have a recipe posted to my blog. i can just about guarantee that will never happen again. ever.
and you rock for leaving me a comment!

3 alianora { 10.03.07 at 4:16 pm }

Oh, i LOVE eggsalad.

But Im not wasting my precious, expensive eggs on SALAD.

I hoard them to myself, and dole them out one fried egg at a time.

4 betsy { 02.07.09 at 9:44 pm }

i loved the youtube links to the ‘penis’ story and joe’s singing. yes. i am a freak reading your blog. i find great enjoyment from it.

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