Pumpkin eater

Ok, ok, I know I’ve been kind of a cheater blogger. My Saturday post wasn’t anything more than a video (but, let’s face it, my kid’s freakin’ hilarious), and last night’s blog was a cop out very last minute moment of inspiration. But ever since I screwed myself by saying this would be a daily blog, I’ve had to just keep on truckin’. Because no one’s a bigger task master on myself than….myself. But I kinda dig that in a way, because it is forcing me to sit and be creative every single day, even if that creativity comes out as a post that simultaneously includes the ideas of Silly Putty and porn (that shut the comments right down, I’ll tell ya). So this is good. This is all good.

Another bonus of blogging is that it’s inspiring me to take on other projects. For example: this weekend, the Lorso and I enlisted my sister to take the Bug to the park and lunch while we had 3 whole hours to ourselves in the house. This, like, never happens. So, what did we do with our glorious freedom? We rearranged our furniture! We know how to have a good time.

This was great fun for me, as I love shaking things up every so often. Not so for the Lorso. He is a creature of habit, a friend of familiarity. He is also the one who moves most of the heavy stuff when we do this kind of thing. Like the time I was 6 or 7 months pregnant and wanted to rearrange the living room, (which included a couch, a loveseat, a tv stand, and a bookshelf), and after he spent an hour heaving and grunting and shoving the furniture until it had been rearranged into every possible configuration, I looked at it with my head cocked to one side and my nose wrinkled and said, “Hmmmm. No, I think maybe the way it was was just fine, now that I’m looking at it.”

Ok, so maybe I see where he’s coming from with the not liking change thing.

This change turned out ok, though, and the Lorso and I are still on speaking terms, which is an added bonus. Although, hang on, now that I’m looking at the living room, maybe it was better the other way…


1 Joe T. { 10.01.07 at 4:06 pm }

Well, maybe you didn’t get any comments on “Silly Porny,” but that doesn’t mean it was unfunny. In fact, we have gotten laughs from a wide range of people by telling that story over the past week. Sometimes a post is just funny and there’s nothing that needs to be said in response.

2 Betty Reiff { 10.01.07 at 4:08 pm }

I love your blog. I look forward to it every day.

I’m proud to have such a creative daughter. I’m proud of you for finding fun and laughter in the everyday, and for challenging yourself in such a creative way.

You make me laugh out loud. I need that.

And you have the cutest kid in the whole wide world!!! As his Bebe, I should know!

3 kflo { 10.01.07 at 7:16 pm }

I’m embarassed to admit how long it took me to get your title…..

4 Jihyun { 10.01.07 at 10:37 pm }

Hey, Rachel.
I enjoyed reading your blogs. It was a good ending to my long day in the office (which just ended with session meeting).

5 Bean { 10.02.07 at 12:17 pm }

This. Is. GREAT! I knew it was simply a matter of time before the person who brought “bow” would come up with soemthign else creative and fun for the whole family!

Am a bit surprised that the Lorso does not enjoy the moving of furniture–he seemed to do that a lot when we roomed together. We never could get our cardboard coffee table in the right spot…

6 alianora { 10.03.07 at 3:01 am }

It is so incredibly easy to see the Lorus (and Id love a story behind that name for him)’s face when you said that the other way was better. And the Silly Porny story was AWESOME.

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